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S/A Slash (m/m sexuality)

Bound (05/14/04) S/A - SMUT - Oh, how the mind will wander. Set during AtS Season 5, Spike thinks about the things he and Angel get up to *cough* at home. There's baby oil and chains involved.

All That's Left - (6/29/01) S/A - ANGST/SMUT - Spike helps Angel through a rather disturbing manifestation of grief.

Nights Like This - (04/05/01) S/A - ANGST/SMUT - Another comfort fic especially for Kita... only this time, it's the souled one who needs it. Think... 500 years in Hell.

Up a Penguin's Arse - (3/1/01) S/A - HUMOR - Angel's depressed (NO, not ANGEL! He's usually so PERKY!), so his Most Favoured makes it his mission to cheer him up. Response to Eternal Nightcap "Av is a Crusty Old Bag" Birthday Challenge!

Happy Valentine's Day, Peaches - (2/16/01) S/A - HUMOR/ANGST - Valentine's Day Fluff - Tender-hearted, crusading souled vampires do lose their tempers sometimes... even on Valentine's Day. (Angel's POV)

Harry's AAA - (2/9/01) S/A - HUMOR - Plotlesss smut. Spike gets Angel to take him to his favorite store for his un-birthday. Then they open presents. *grin*

London Rain - (1/26/01) S/A -ANGST - As Angell ponders the direction of his life as a human being, someone from his past appears to remind him what it means to be *alive*.

Everybody Smokes In Hell - (1/26/01) S/A - HUMOR - Spike rrefuses to go on a mission with Angel, almost resulting in his Sire’s Final Death. He feels bad. And you know that can only be a good thing. *grin*

Black Paint and Mayonnaise - (1/13/01) S/A - HUMOR. Plotless smut. Spike's POV on housework, Angel's Obsessive-Compulsiveness, dislike of black paint, and penchant for toys. Answer to the Eternal Nightcap "1000 Hits, and boy, are our implants tired" Challenge. SillySmutFic.

Threesomes & Group Sex YAY!

Girls' Night In - (09/04/2007) Buffy/Faith, Angel/Spike, Faith/Spike, Faith/Spike/Buffy, Angel/Buffy/Faith/Spike - A chick flick. A vibrator. Some active voyeurism. Don't miss yofi86's visual feedback. Hee.

For Love or Monster 1: Favorite - (B/A/Faith, NC-17: Contains graphic violence, adult sexuality, bloodplay, character death(s), BDSM, darkness and disturbing imagery. 04/22/04) - Demons just don't care about safe words.  The threesome explore their dark sides with disastrous results.

I Would Be - (B/A/Faith, Rated R 04/07/04) - Buffy considers her relationship with Angel and Faith.

Bringing Him Back - NC-17 for Slash, Graphic sex, violence, bloodplay, torture, domination. - Buffy and Spike work together to save Angel from madness. (Complete 4/16/01!)

Nooner - (4/4/01) - B/A/F/S SMUT! NC-17 for Slash (m/m/f/f), Graphic sex. Utterly plotless porn -- the current occupants of the Hyperion get together for lunch. And I mean... *TOGETHER*. *g*


Byways of Memory - (04/09/06) NC-17. Rewrite of "Orpheus." Buffy helps save Angel instead of Faith.

Darkness, I Love - (12/8/00) NC-17. Graphic sex, bloodplay.  The Slayer finds her Darkness made flesh... and loves it.

The Fearsome Foursome

Eternity in My Arms - (2/8/01) Wm/Aus - ANGST - Angelus has some surprisingly tender thoughts about his Childe. A birthday gift for the indominable, sparkly, effulgent Dark Goddess, Kita.

Blood Roses & Rats - (1/16/01)Wm/Aus - ANGST - After comforting the Slayer, Spike thinks about what he didn't tell her about the Boxer Rebellion.


The FTECB* Series - (*Fuck This Existential Crisis Bullshit) - Latest post, 3/4/01 - Angelus is back, and he has lovely games for everyone. (WARNING: This series contains explicit slash, violence, rape, bloodplay, and various other uniquely Angelus passtimes!) My response to Angel's AtS: Season Two crisis. *grin*

Misc. Fun

The Minute She Died (Faith/Gunn, DRUG USE) 8/15/04 RATED NC-17

Never Lies (Dawn/Dana) 7/2/04 RATED NC-17

Variations on a Cock (Angel/Xander, Angel/Vamp!Xander, Vamp!Cordy/Vamp!Xander DARK, TORTURE) 6/10/04 RATED NC-17

All of this Dust (Angel/Dawn) 6/6/04 RATED NC-17

Overachiever (Vamp!Willow/Vamp!Oz/Vamp!Lindsey/Vamp!Fa ith - BESTIALITY, VIOLENCE) RATED NC-17 5/6/04

After the Fire - Faith/Angel Futurefic Smut/Angst (03/13/04) - A dark look at the post-apocalyptic world through Faith's eyes.  Is it love or suicide?


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